Is ART a Luxury?

Art is not made for anybody and is, at the same time, for everybody.”

– Piet Mondrian

100 Skies, Gary Mankus

"100 Skies" - Gary Mankus

Is ART a luxury?

jewelry, necklace, vintage

"Winner of the Poultry Cup 1919" - Kary Kjesbo

We don’t think so!  To have ART is a universal drive to enrich one’s life with beauty and reflection.  That’s why at ARTprojectA we believe that fine ART should be affordable, accessible, and astounding. Our goal is simple: to present you with a dynamic selection of unique online ART at affordable prices, and of excellent value. We use our experience, resources and curating knowledge in our search for ART. We’ve done our homework so that you don’t have to.

Diana Stetson, "Suddenly I Wake Up", monotype

"Suddenly I Wake Up" - Diana Stetson

Have you ever walked into an ART gallery and been afraid to ask…..anything? (We have.) We want de-mystify the ART world, so that the process of buying ART is easy, fun and rewarding. While buying ART is not rocket science, it does help to have experienced professionals guiding you, so you can buy with confidence — whether you are just beginning to collect, are a seasoned collector, or simply want to find a unique and special gift.

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