Calling Lloyd Durling at ARTprojectA!

“Everything is beautiful, all that matters is to be able to interpret.”

– Camille Pissarro

"London Calling" at OCCCA. The exhibition continues through January 12, 2012.

On December 21, 2011 an intrepid group of emerging Contemporary British Artists from West London’s Debut Contemporary gallery set foot in Los Angeles for a showcase of their work at The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art (OCCCA) .

The exhibition, “London Calling”, features a roster of artists that reads like a who’s who of the young, UK ART scene. The list includes Lloyd Durling whose mischievous work can be found at ARTprojectA.  We’re excited to showcase his distinctive ART that is thought provoking, at times disturbing, and always beautiful. Durling plays with color, pattern, form, and above all, texture which creates a unique aesthetic experience for the viewer of his ART.

LLOYD DURLING Corpse Flower, 9"x12" $150 - ed. 50

Durling’s drawings are at their most intense when dealing with plant life and the small-scale landscape. This is captured in “Corpse Flower” a chalk giclee print, (the term giclee is from the French “gicler,” v. “to squirt.” Giclée prints are generated from high-resolution digital files or scans using ink-jet printers).

“Still Life (Peach Black)”, a wood engraving on Japanese medium weight paper, demonstrates

LLOYD DURLING Still Life (Peach Black), 11"x11"(image 3"x3") $125 - ed. 10

Durling’s careful exploration into the use of negative space and silhouette.

Soon you’ll be able to view other works by Lloyd Durling at  In the meantime, if you’d like to purchase these prints or learn about the other ART that’s available, you can contact us at or call 208-726-3036.

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