Through the Lens of Jenny Gummersall

“Jenny Gummersall makes the ordinary look extraordinary.  Through her camera she uncovers a fantasy, a story, a dream” – Leanne Goebel

gummersall Muzzle


We’ve all seen it before; the gratuitous photos of the same old landscapes lost in the shuffle of a friend’s vacation album on Facebook.  With the ongoing hype of consumer-friendly DSLRs and trendy cell phone camera apps, some of these photos have actually become quite lovely to look at, but at the end of the day, they still remain the same compositions of land and sky rehashed over and over again.

Which is precisely why Jenny Gummersall’s ART is a breath of fresh air.  As a fine ART photographer who studied ART and photography at Columbia College in Missouri and got her degree at the University of New Mexico, Jenny brings metaphors to life


through her photographs of horses, natural objects, and landscapes.  By capturing extreme close-up views of the manes, backs, and faces of these animals against an iconic Western backdrop (as seen in “Back Swoop” landscape), she abstracts familiar shapes into delightfully unfamiliar forms, reworking and breathing life into a tired, recycled idea.  

Gummersall’s Specific Environments: Landscape as Metaphor exhibition at the Lincoln Center Art Gallery  Fort Collins, CO just ended.  But don’t fret if you didn’t get a chance to see her work there.

JENNY GUMMERSALL - "Boots and Rope"

We at ARTprojectA are thrilled to offer several different photographs from Jenny Gummersall’s collection of work.  If you are interested in purchasing her prints or learning about the other ART that’s available, you can email us at, call us at 208.726.9900, or visit our website,

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