THE LOVING STORY – photos by Grey Villet at the International Center of Photography, NYC

“If a day goes by without my doing something related to photography, it’s as though I’ve neglected something essential to my existence, as though I had forgotten to wake up.” 

– Richard Avedon


GREY VILLET - (Peggy, Sidney, and Donald Loving playing, King and Queen County, Virginia), April 1965, copyright Estate of Grey Villet

A great love story, as compelling now as it was 50 years ago. “There’s the name, for starters. In Mr. Villet’s photographs Richard and Mildred Loving exist in a world of romantic understanding and connubial bliss (segregation laws aside),” writes New York Times reporter Martha Schwendener about the remarkable story of Mildred and Richard Loving, an interracial couple whose marriage defied the Racial Integrity Act in Virginia.



Their story was poignantly captured in the thick of the civil rights movement by South African photographer Grey Villet for Life magazine in 1965. The couple’s arrest and the 9 year legal battle that ensued ultimately led to the Supreme Court decision in 1967 to overturn state miscegenation laws. The photographs included in this extraordinary exhibition go well beyond the 9 Villet photos featured in Life: more than 70 vintage prints from the Loving’s own

HAROLD FEINSTEIN Boy and Girl on the Boardwalk, 1955

collection, given to them by the photographer, and from Mr. Villet’s estate. Not to be missed, “The Loving Story: Photographs by Grey Villet will be at the International Center of Photography (IPC) in NY until May 6.

The IPC is an incredible museum and school dedicated to the understanding and appreciation of photography.  ARTprojectA is proud to show the photography of two artists whose work is represented in the permanent collection of IPC: Harold Feinsteinand Imogen Cunningham. It is also worth noting that RuthSilverman, another distinguished ARTprojectA artist, was the curator of IPC from 1978 – 1983.  ARTprojectA offers a distinctive selection of curated, affordable ART.

GREY VILLET - (Mildred and Richard Loving, their daughter Peggy, Mildred's sister Garnet, and Richard's mother Lola, on the front porch of Mildred's mother's house, Carolina County, Virginia), April 1965, copyright Estate of Grey Villet




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