Passionate to Make Contemporary ART Affordable & Accessible!

“At moments of great enthusiasm it seems to me that no one in the world has ever made something this beautiful and important.”

– Andrew Wyeth

The ARTprojectA Team: Carter Hedberg, Director of Business Development, Claudia Aulum, Co-Founder, Barbi Reed (with "Fly"), Co-Founder, Laura Williams, Director of Artist and Client Relations

The team at ARTprojectA is passionate about ART! Our goal is to present you with a dynamic selection of outstanding, curated ART at affordable prices. Whether you are a seasoned collector or just beginning to buy ART, our intention is to make your search enjoyable, rewarding and economical.

ARTprojectA was recently founded by

"I know it sounds cliché, but one of my favorite pieces of art is MICHELANGELO's stands as a symbol of potential for all artists and the power of art for all viewers." - Barbi Reed

Barbi Reed and Claudia Aulum. Barbi is the founder/owner of ANNE REED GALLERY, a fine ART gallery that has been based in Ketchum/Sun Valley, Idaho for the last 30 years. Through her work with nationally recognized artists and ART collectors around the world, Barbi recognized a glaring gap in the ART world: the need for easy access to affordable fine ART. Claudia’s experience in design and the financial industry proved to be a great complement, so together they launched ARTprojectA: ART – Affordable – Accessible – Anytime. The ARTprojectA team is rounded out by Laura Williams and Carter Hedberg. Laura whose keen insight into ART and design was broadened

"I am captivated by so many pieces on ARTprojectA, but right now my current favorite is RUTH SILVERMAN's, Dog Grid 1...until I bring a real dog into my life!" - Laura Williams

while attending Smith College where she received a degree in Architecture and Carter brings his sales and marketing experience with innovative companies such as Room & Board and Target, Inc. to the group.

ARTprojectAct is our way to give back – not just to our local community here in Idaho, but to our broader community around the world. That is why ARTprojectA donates a portion of proceeds from each sale to non-profit organizations. At check-out you can designate where you’d like our donation from your sale to go, choosing from fields such as Arts, Literacy, Environment, Global Health, and Social Justice & Human Rights.

"When I was studying art in Paris, I fell in love with Le pont de Maincy by PAUL CEZANNE, an artist who transformed how we look at the world." - Carter Hedberg

We invite you to visit ARTprojectA. Our team hopes your experience will be inspiring, enriching and fun! We promise you an ever-changing selection of fresh and exciting fine ART at affordable prices.  We look forward to sharing more about why we’re passionate about ART in the future.

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" Art stimulates, engages and connects people in a marvelous shared experience. It’s incredibly powerful. Dali Cats (Dali Atomicus) by PHILLIPE HALSMAN is one of my favorite fun pieces of art, I love the absurdity of's so Dali!" - Claudia Aulum

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