“Grand Experience” – GRAND Contemporary Artist

“We are all like blotters. I am a blotter, absorbing all the different aspects of what I experience. Painting is evolutionary, and a grand experience.”

– Inez Storer

INEZ STORER: Recent Works February 25 – May 27, 2012

Artists are the cornerstone of ARTprojectA. We are very fortunate to work with some extraordinarily talented individuals. We strive to find and showcase new and emerging artists, as well as, those who have been successful in establishing a career in this challenging field. The work of Inez Storer has stood the test of time. She has had solo exhibitions consistently thorough the United States at institutions such as the Reno Museum of Art, the San Jose Museum of Art, the


Monterey Museum of Art, The National Museum of Jewish History, Philadelphia, among others. Once again, Storer is the focus of a new exhibition, “INEZ STORER: RECENT WORKS” at the Sonoma County Museum. The show opens today, February 25 and closes May 27, 2012. We’re honored that you can also find her ART at ARTprojectA!

INEZ STORER "Oxygen", Monoprint, mixed media, pigment collage, $1,000 - available at ARTprojectA

Artists are storytellers,” says Storer, and her compelling paintings, fine art prints, mixed media works, and even pillows convey a sense of narrative mystery and intrigue. As Storer discusses, for her the collage process can be “one way to begin” work on a piece. “It can lead the way to the serious process of painting,” Storer continues, “letting the collage imagery lead the way.”

Most of the time I enter my studio with an agenda, but then something happens, and I let the painting take me on its own journey. To be surprised while painting is the real experience, the reason to keep on doing the work.” Storer adds, “I have objects, bits and pieces, images cut from a myriad of

INEZ STORER "Allow Nothing to Worry You", Cotton and linen pillow, $125 - available at ARTprojectA

sources and whatever I can collect that inform my work, or sometimes I actually attach materials of some kind to the surface of the painting. It is a way of going shopping every time I am in the studio. And artists love to shop in whatever form that activity can take.”

Storer’s life journey has the drama and fascination of a great novel. The daughter of German immigrants, her father a World War 1 pilot, went on to become an ART director in Hollywood. She was raised Catholic, but later in life discovered her mother’s family were assimilated Jews from Spain. Storer married Andrew Romanoff, the grand-nephew of the last Russian tsar; he is also an artist. Together they’ve shared a fascinating life of ART and compelling adventures.

The ART of Storer and Romanoff is available at ARTprojectA.  Don’t forget to subscribe to News and Offers to receive advance notice of sales, newly added ART, and more!

INEZ STORER "Patriotic Dog", Mixed media, pigment collage, $800 - available at ARTprojectA

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