Buying & Selling ART is for the DOGS!

Animals are such agreeable friends – they ask no questions; they pass no criticisms.”

– George Eliot

WILLIAM HENRY HAMILTON TROOD - "Hounds in a Kennel", 1898, painting recently sold for a record $212,500.

We love animals at ARTprojectA, especially our dogs. In fact you can find co-founder Barbi Reed lovingly holding her dog, Fly, in a team photo we recently posted in our blog. That’s just one reason why we were intrigued that at the recent annual “dogs only”ART auction held after the Westminster Dog Show, two price records were broken. This is according to Alan Fausel, vice president and director of fine art at Bonhams, the auction house that runs the event. “Dejeuner,” a painting that shows dogs and cats eating from a large dish, set a record for the artist, William Henry Hamilton Trood (1860-1899), when it sold for $194,500. Only an hour later that record was broken when Trood’s “Hounds in a

LISA HOLLEY - "Dogs' Wood Play", 2008, 15"x22"(image 11"x18")-Ed. 25, Limited edition inkjet print - $225

Kennel,” showing a half-dozen dogs staring at a bird outside their cage, sold for $212,500. Fausel said, adding: “The dog art market is certainly turning a corner.” Amazing!

HAROLD FEINSTEIN - "Puppy Love", 1987, 16"x20"-Ed. 20, Silver gelatin print - $1,800

$212,500 for a work of ART my not be in your budget, but we want the canine collector in you to be able to buy ART you love at an affordable price.  Whether it’s “Dogs’ Wood Play” by Idaho artist Lisa Holley, Andrew Romanoff’s shrinky dink, “Dog Exercise,” or the classic Harold Feinstein print, “Puppy Love,” ARTprojectA has the perfect ART for any pet lover.  And don’t forget you can find a Ruth Silverman print,“Dog Grid 1,” for just $95!

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ANDREW ROMANOFF - "Dog Exercise", 6"x6", Shrinky dink plastic on painted panel - $350

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