Jane Dixon’s Regeneration – the ART of Rebirth

Kenzaburo Oe – The Japanese chose the principle of eternal peace as the basis of morality for our rebirth after the War.”

JANE DIXON - "City Index," 2006-7, Graphite on paper
Collection of Driek and Michael Zirinsky - 35 individual rubbings create this work currently on display at the Sun Valley Center for the Arts.

Spring is a time of renewal and rebirth, and last Thursday it was time to revisit the Sun Valley Center for the Arts to attend a brown bag lunch featuring British artist Jane Dixon. Dixon’s work “City Index” is part of the Center’s current exhibition Urban Lifecycles.

City Index” was taken from Dixon’s Regeneration collection which focuses on urban areas that have been destroyed either by nature or man and then rebuilt. In this particular work, the areas are London, Berlin,

JANE DIXON - "Regeneration II (Chicago)"
From Regeneration Suite 2006-7
A set of four etchings, edition of 20
Published by The Print Studio, Cambridge

Chicago, and Tokyo.  Dixon explains, “The cities I am photographing have, on the whole, already regenerated after destruction or damage and so I am reflecting on the past and anticipating a possible, changed future: a blueprint for the unknown.” The five year process to complete “City Index” started with photographs Dixon took of each city from a high elevation, in order to capture the layout of the location. She then created a rendition in acrylic paint of the each photograph  that she had selected to use.  After each of the needed paintings were completed, Dixon placed graph paper over the painting and started the rubbing process using a graphite pencil. A total of thirty-five individual rubbings were created for “City Index.” Each rubbing consisted of up to twenty layers capturing the textures of the acrylic painting. In between the layers of rubbings that were made from the painting, she would make rubbings using materials from the site where the photo was taken, such as a piece of wood or a board. Once a rubbing was complete, the painting that was used to create it was destroyed. Dixon says, “The drawings, paintings and prints in Regeneration are hybrid works which use the physicality of painting to create something ephemeral, a reversal in the normal order of things.”

“Urban Lifecycles” ends on April 13, 2012.  ARTprojectA is proud to have The Sun Valley Center for the Arts as a recipient partner in ARTprojectACT, our unique philanthropic program that allows you to direct a donation from ARTprojectA to a non-profit.

JANE DIXON - "Ground Plan IV," 2006, Graphite on paper 59.5 cm x 84.5 cm
Purchased by the British Museum, 2007

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