Food in ART? ART as Food? Food & ART?

Robert Mondavi – Even more importantly, it’s wine, food and the arts. Incorporating those three enhances the quality of life.”

Stephan Landwehr welcomes friends to his art-filled home for a dinner party featuring updated German recipes. Photo © Lisa Linder.

Food, wine, and art truly enhances the quality of life. The latest issue of Food & Wine magazine has a scintillating article on the subject, FOOD und ART: Berlin’s Best Dinner Party. Writer Gisela Williams takes us into the world of restauranteur and ART aficionado, Stephan Landwehr as he prepares for a diner party in his Berlin home.

Ginkgo trees in San Francisco's Museum of Modern Art sculpture garden inspired leaf cookies by in-house pastry chef Caitlin Williams Freeman. Photo © Antonis Achilleos

Williams writes that, “for someone who is not an artist, Stephan Landwehr’s life is very much shaped by ART. As Berlin’s premier framer, he is a major player in the city’s ART scene. A shrewd collector and occasional curator, Landwehr co-owns the five-year-old Grill Royal, which he funded in part by selling a museum-worthy painting by Scottish artist Peter Doig for $2 million. Landwehr is also known around Berlin for entertaining on a more personal scale. An invitation to his home is a coveted event for several reasons. The house, in a building that was a laundry for almost a century, is full of amazing ART.”

Bentō themed in famous "Anime." They are just too cute to eat! Photo-DesignSwan

Perhaps the most interesting and curious example of  how the line between ART and food can be blurred is found in Japan. The bento is a single-portion takeout or home-packed meal common in Japanese cuisine. These “boxed lunches” are prepared with a wonderful sense of beauty, creativity,and whimsy, plus they’re delicious!

Let ARTprojectA end your hunger for food and ART! Be sure to check out Simon Casson’s, Lupercalia Feasting and Diana Stetson’s, Wine is Proof, wonderful examples of this theme. Subscribe to News & Offers and receive advance notice of sales, newly added ART, and more!

SIMON CASSON - "Lupercalia Feasting," 2010, 23"x16" - Ed. 30, Iris print - $550, Available at

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One Response to Food in ART? ART as Food? Food & ART?

  1. barbireed says:

    Simon Casson is an extraordinary artist. We’ve represented this Brit’s work at ANNE REED GALLERY for a number of years and are continually amazed by his vision, his ability to turn very classic subject matter into a very contemporary painting. His talent is indisputable. This print and another we have on ARTprojectA ( are both pieces I covet!

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