“The Art of Buying ART” – Tip #1

In all truth if there is an ‘art’ in buying ART, it can be summarized in the ‘art’ of buying anything. Almost everyone looking to make a purchase from electronics to a new pair of hiking shoes knows how to do a little research. When it comes to ART, the resources at ARTprojectA can help answer your questions in an uncomplicated, straight-forward way. We have complete ART Glossary and ART 101 sections, plus a unique team with extensive expertise in the world of ART and design. Over the next few weeks Barbi Reed, owner of ANNE REED GALLERY, an ART collector, and ARTprojectA.com co-founder, will be sharing her “Top Ten Tips for buying ART.” Today we have Tip #1 in learning the “The Art of Buying ART.”

TIP #1 – “LIKE the work you’re considering to buy. As obvious as this sounds, many collectors or first-time buyers get caught up in either paralysis by over-analysis or are so fearful of making a mistake that they ‘flee,’ putting off the decision for another day.”

Some people say when they look at work they have a physical response. If this is the case, listen to that, whether you “get shivers” or “feel a sudden warmth.” Barbi Reed, Co-Founder ARTprojectA.com says certain works make her “heart beat faster” as she claims it does when looking at IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM’S, “Magnolia, variations on a Theme,” 1920. Is it spring’s obvious arrival or the recognizable strong shadows of late afternoon or early morning, a certain timelessness? It doesn’t matter. But listening to your inner responses gives you strong clues that can’t be disputed.

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