Enhance Your Business Through ART!

CAROL INEZ CHARNEY, “EOM 2,” 2009, Photograph, 29.75 x 29.75 inches
Copyright © 2011. Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.

A recent New York Times article highlighted how workplace ART continues to be a significant element in shaping a business’s image, “The artwork that organizations choose for their buildings, or for their grounds, is as important as the art that people select for their homes.” It’s true. Now celebrating more than 50 years, the JPMorgan Chase Art Collection is one of the world’s most established corporate collections; they

BRIDGET RILEY “Deny 1,” 1966, Courtesy of the JPMorgan Chase Archives and JPMorgan Chase Art Program

believe that arts and culture are the lifeblood of vibrant communities. The Microsoft Art Collection began in Redmond, Washington, in 1987 when Microsoft had approximately 2,000 employees and occupied six buildings. Today, the collection includes almost 5,000 works of ART and is displayed in more than 180 buildings throughout the world. The collection emphasizes contemporary art in various mediums. They state that it enhances employee morale, reduces stress, increases creativity and productivity, and helps to build customer and community relations.

KATE HOULIHAN “Riding Boot,” Archival digital print, 11″x14″ – Ed. 50, $125 – ARTprojectA.com.

The Team at ARTprojectA.com believes that ART, whether at home or the office, enriches your life.  In business it can also enrich your image. You don’t have to pay for an ART adviser to help you make an informed decision, we offer the resources and expertise that you need. Whether you just opened a new office or are a designer working with a client, ARTprojectA.com has a dynamic collection of curated, fine ART that won’t break the bank.  We’re proud to offer the original work of Greg Gummersall, whose ART was just installed at the Four Seasons Las Colina in Dallas, Texas and the photography of Kate Houlihan, a talented emerging artist from California.

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GREG GUMMERSALL “10-C31-10,” 2011, Acrylic collage on D arches paper, 22″x30″ $1,200 – ARTprojectA.com

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