“The ART of Buying ART” – Tip #3

This week we’re turning to Claudia Aulum, ART collector and ARTprojectA.com co-founder, in our series of Top Ten Tips for buying ART. She describes gaining an understanding of Harold Feinstein’s transition to digital photography and the role TIP #3 played in the process.

TIP #3 – “Do some research (if you are the researching type). Read the artist’s bio to find out where the artist is in her/his career. Read the artist’s statement to further understand the work and the artist’s motivation.”

Claudia explains, “’Do some research’, has always been an essential part of my journey with art. Have you noticed how the people you love become more beautiful to you, the better you get to know them?  It’s the same for me with art. When I first saw Harold’s work, I was more drawn to the black and white series – not so much the color botanicals. I was puzzled by them – the work is so vastly different. How and why did this legendary photographer make the transition to digital photography, and to such a different subject? What’s the common thread? Reading A.D. Coleman’s retrospective on Harold Feinstein opened a new window for me on this artist’s entire body of work, allowing me to appreciate pieces I had never really looked closely at before.”

HAROLD FEINSTEIN “Window Washer and Flock of Pigeons,” 1974, Silver gelatin print,16″x20″ – Ed. 20 $1,800 “Harold’s work, so intimate and human, gives you the opportunity to step back and reexamine the precious and delightful moments that you so easily miss. To me, The Window Washer is a metaphor for the infinite layers of a city, and the beauty and poetry of the everyday.” – Claudia Aulum

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