“The ART of Buying ART” – Tip #5

ARTprojectA wants to demystify the process of buying and owning ART.  At ARTprojectA.com you’ll find the resources you need to put you at ease even after your purchase; you can learn about installing and caring for your ART. Tip #5 from Barbi Reed, owner of ANNE REED GALLERY, an ART collector, and ARTprojectA.com co-founder, in our series of Top Ten Tips for buying ART.

TIP #5 – “Double check the size to make sure it is right for the intended site. (If there is no place you have in mind for the work but simply desire it, move on to Step No. 6.) If the work is unframed and/or without a mat, configure the size of the work with both a mat or mounting board and frame. Take removable tape and outline the size of the piece on the intended wall for further confirmation that you are thinking of the right place for the piece. Remember, if it doesn’t work where you initially intended, you will probably be able to move work around creating a fresh feeling and finding the perfect spot for your new acquisition.”

Barbi Reed, “Major art fakes make the news and provide fascinating reading. Most art buyers are not going to have to worry about being fooled by fakes that involve millions of dollars. However, that said, there can be no substitute for buying art from someone you trust who can assist you in your decision making, whether that involves where you might be placing work or hearing more details about the work itself and the artist.” ROY LICHTENSTEIN Lichtenstein Plates, 1969, Serigraph on paper plate, Single plate, 10.25″-$200

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