“The ART of Buying ART” – Tip #6

Shopping for ART should be fun and easy, just like buying that new pair of shoes or earrings! ARTprojectA wants to demystify the process. At ARTprojectA.com you’ll find the resources you need to put you at ease. Tip #6 from Barbi Reed, owner of ANNE REED GALLERY, an ART collector, and ARTprojectA.com co-founder, in our series of Top Ten Tips for buying ART.

ANDREW ROMANOFF Feeding the Carp, 6″x6″ – “These small, charming pieces could find their way anywhere. Of course, they are perfect gifts because of this, if you fall in love with one yourself, consider a very small wall (often between windows or near doors), a bathroom/powder room, an empty spot on a bookshelf, anywhere it will cause you to pause and smile. When work is this small, the big choice is which piece do you like the best. Mid-size works may need a little more thought about placement and of course, bring out your measuring tape for large work.” – Barbi Reed

TIP #6 – “Relax. Remember, this is not rocket science. It is not any more complicated than buying a new sweater or jacket. The ART should ‘fit’! It should work with your taste, your décor and other pieces in your art ‘wardrobe’ (i.e. other art that will be installed nearby). If you are one who needs research support to back up your decision, use GOOGLE or feel free to contact ARTprojectA.com for more information. Know also that we only include work by artists whose ART and process as well as reputation is thoroughly researched by our team.”

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2 Responses to “The ART of Buying ART” – Tip #6

  1. Do you have an idea how can i sell my huge 3,5meters long sculpture (Birds)?

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