“The ART of Buying ART” – Tip #10

ROY LICHTENSTEIN Lichtenstein Plates, 1969 Serigraph on paper plate, Single plate, 10.25 – $200

In all truth if there is an ‘art’ in buying ART, it can be summarized in the ‘art’ of buying anything. Almost everyone looking to make a purchase from electronics to a new pair of hiking shoes knows how to do a little research. When it comes to ART, the resources at ARTprojectA can help answer your questions in an uncomplicated, straight-forward way. We have complete ART Glossary and ART 101 sections, plus a unique team with extensive expertise in the world of ART and design. Over the last several weeks Barbi Reed, owner of ANNE REED GALLERY, an experienced ART collector, and ARTprojectA.com co-founder, has shared her “Top Ten Tips for buying ART.” Today we have Barbi’s final tip, Tip #10 in learning the “The Art of Buying ART.”

TIP #10 “HAVE fun! The ‘art’ of buying art is inexplicably wrapped up in the excitement of imagining a particular piece in your life bringing you pleasure and comfort or inspiration, changing your mood, making you think and giving back to you in the months and years ahead. It’s in the ‘hunt’ and in the joy of ‘discovery.’ Whether you make this decision alone or with others, trust your own vision allowing the art to ‘speak to you.’ We know the right piece will!”

ROY LICHTENSTEIN Lichtenstein Plates, 1969 – Barbi Reed’s musing, “The Roy Lichtenstein Plate would look great on any narrow wall…could between windows or even above a counter in the kitchen. It’s small enough that I could move it to a new place on a moment’s whim. I can imagine this piece reminding me in winter of the sun’s heat but at the same time I can envision myself in summer delighting in the brilliant blue in both plate and sky. Either way, I’m reassured and energized. I can’t resist smiling when I look at the playfulness of this wonderful piece of iconic art by ROY LICHTENSTEIN! For the price and the pleasure it will bring me, this discovery is on top of my list of art I won’t be able to resist much longer.”

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