Metaphor & Merken – Coaxing Poetry from Paint

Seattle artist, BETTY MERKEN.

It’s always exciting to introduce a new artist that’s joined ARTprojectA and Betty Merken is no exception!  Her stunning monotypes are a significant addition to our curated collection of accessible ART.

BETTY MERKEN “Origami Afternoon,” Monotype on Rives BFK paper, 32″x48″ (image 24″x36″), $2,000

Merken is contemplative when describing her artistic process, “The nature of painting drives the meaning of my work. The interplay between the physical, sensual activity of painting and the necessary intellectual and formal decisions which present themselves creates an ongoing dialogue within each work and among the works themselves. I am attempting to coax poetry from paint, to transform my materials into metaphor.”

BETTY MERKEN “Double Form Red,” Monotype on Arches 88 paper, 30″x22″ (image 20″x16″), $1,200

ARTprojectA co-founder, Barbi Reed, recently reflected on Merken’s work, “Many are drawn to saturated, bright colors. Although I love brilliant hues in the homes of others, if I want large work, I tend to gravitate more toward art that is monochromatic. Give me black, white, gray, dark brown or beige any day and I feel soothed and relaxed. I’m attracted by the subtle nuances, so often inherent in “quiet” work.  Thus I responded immediately to ARTprojectA’s new Betty Merken monoprint, Black and White Study. I love the rectangular grids that remind me of the work of Sean Scully, one of my all-time favorite artists.  I love all of Betty’s monoprints, but this piece “spoke” to me immediately…something that should never be discounted!  Yay!  If you don’t buy it, I may just have to!”

BETTY MERKEN “Study in Black and White,” Monotype on Arches 88 paper, 22″x30″ (image 16.5″x21.5″), $1,200

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