The Vogel Collection – Buy ART you love!

Herb and Dorothy Vogel inside their Manhattan apartment. Photo: Katsuyoshi Tanaka

Buy what you love! That has long been the advice of Barbi Reed, co-founder of ARTprojectA and owner of ANNE REED GALLERY, who is more interested in encouraging would-be collectors than selling anything to anybody. The perfect example of a couple following their hearts (and their pocketbook) is Herb and Dorothy Vogel whose collection is both renown and respected. Herbert Vogel, a postman, who with his wife lived in a rent controlled apartment surrounded with art by legendary artists, passed away at age 89, July 22. Their story has now become legendary and sets an example for those of us who are on a budget.  To learn more about the Vogels, read this terrific article from BLOUIN ARTINFO.

DIANA STETSON “Today I am Elephant,” Monotype, collage, hand-pulled fine art print, 22.5″x15″ (image 12″x12″), $395

ARTprojectA holds steadfast to the maxim of acquiring only what you love. Be wise. Consult us or other experts. Determine what you have to spend. Take time to look around…that’s half the fun! ARTprojectA offers numerous avenues for finding the right piece whether that is committing to emerging talent or relying on established reputations of artists whose originals are in the five figures, but whose limited edition prints are very affordable.

The Vogel’s collection was built around a passion for art and confidence in their own eye.  Bring to your search your own passion for ART and your belief that there is good work out there that fits your budget. ARTprojectA’s team, with its 50 years of cumulative experience, has culled out pieces we know are worthy of your consideration. Contact us if you have questions, want to become the next Herb and Dorothy Vogel…or simply desire to buy with confidence art that will give you lasting pleasure!

FORREST MOSES “Falling Water #3,” 2008, Pigment ink print, 30″x24″ (image 12″x12″) – Ed. 30, $1,500

To keep up with the latest, follow us on Twitter.  We tweet as @artprojecta! Subscribe to News & Offers to receive advance notice of sales, newly added ART & more!  With everything purchase, we donate a portion of our proceeds to a philanthropic area of your choice, through ARTprojectACT.

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