The DUKE of ART!

We discovered San Francisco street artist, Duke, while enjoying a cup of coffee at a cafe where his work was being installed.

Reverse painting on glass is truly an ART form unique unto itself and new ARTprojectA artist, Duke, is as unique as the technique he employs. He started painting on canvas over 20 years ago and has been painting on windows for the last twelve years.  Always intrigued by more unconventional surfaces that could substitute for canvas, his work with windows began by happenstance. Duke had experimented on many different surfaces when one night, after exhausting all materials in his studio, the last thing left to paint on was an abandoned window that he had found on the street. He was so inspired by the quality of light achieved by painting directly on the glass that from that day forward he began painting on windows exclusively.

DUKE “Tulips,” Reverse painting in oil on reclaimed Victorian window, 49″x21″ – $550

To create his beautiful works of ART, Duke draws, either on cardboard or directly on the window, in reverse, with a Sharpie. Next, he goes over the drawing with India ink and begins a process of scratching away at the images with a straight edge razor blade to refine the drawing. When the drawing is right, he paints with oil to add the color. He does not look at the front side of the window/painting until he is finished, ever! Paintings are backed with archival mat board to protect them while the paint dries. Once dried, the paint is permanently fused to the glass.

Duke makes his living from selling his paintings in San Francisco, where he lives and works. Often his paintings can be found leaning up against the side of the old, Victorian apartment building where he lives.  In case you don’t have a chance to visit San Francisco, you can also find Duke’s incredible work at  We’re excited and proud to add him to our list of amazing artists!

DUKE “Cookie Jar,” Reverse painting in oil on reclaimed Victorian window, 33.5″x33.5″ – $300

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