The Merging of Wi-Fi, Scanners & ART

Mathieu Lehanneur – Photo by Jean-Luc Luyssen/Madame Figaro

It’s always fascinating when technology influences ART and design or even the reverse, when ART and design has an affect on how technology is used.

Look at a example of this by French designer and artist, Mathieu Lehanneur.  He was recently the subject of a New York Times article about his design for a “Bit Stop”, wi-fi stations to be placed throughout Paris.  His project, Escale Numérique (Digital Break), which he developed with the outdoor advertising company J C Decaux, is a free high-speed Wi-Fi station in Paris. Installed last month at the Rond-Point des Champs-Élysées, a few blocks from the Grand Palais, it features concrete swivel chairs with attached tables for laptops and electrical outlets in their bases.  This furniture is set under a blossoming green roof supported by a cluster of wooden legs meant to resemble tree trunks. A large multimedia touch screen offers easy access to city information, news and maps. (NYT) It creates a stunning affect!

Mathieu Lehanneur’s Wi-Fi station in Paris.

GAIL RIEKE “Parachutes of Chance #4,” 2003, Pigment ink print, 21.5″x17″ (image 15″x12″) – Ed. 30, $400

Consider the work by ARTprojectA artist Gail Rieke.  She has married technology and ART in the prints of her assemblage/collage work.  William Peterson, editor of Artspace Magazine wrote, “Gail Rieke orchestrates some of the most sensitive collage works being done today. Their uniqueness has to do with the exquisite internal harmonies she discovers among these natural and man-made materials, and the way she balances the very specific nature of each piece with its potential for poetic meaning…”  Her prints are created by scanning an original collage and then the original work is destroyed after printing.  Wow, the original is actually destroyed and the scanned print lives on, fascinating!

GAIL RIEKE “Parachutes of Chance #3,” 2003 Pigment ink print, 21.5″x17″ (image 15″x12″) – Ed. 30, $400

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