The Visual Language of KRIS HAAS in 10,000 Works or More

Portland artist, KRIS HAAS

We love our artists!  Each one brings their own unique artistic vision and design point of view to ARTprojectAKris Haas of Portland, Oregon is no exception.  Her ART is visceral, always evolving and experimental.  Haas says, “I see my work as being a visual language without the use of verbal language.  I also feel it is necessary for people to take the time to look more closely and to start seeing what is before them.  In order to achieve this within my work I find it necessary to jar or jolt the piece by way of different textures and colors.

KRIS HAAS “#7789.080409,” 2009, Oil, ink, gouache, polyurethane, acid free paper, 18″x12″, $105

“This need to move the viewer towards understanding the importance of visual language without the use of verbal language comes out of a frustration for our misunderstanding of what visual art is about.  I do not want people to analyze with their mind, I want them to feel with their body.”  This artistic process has served Haas well for over 20 years.

KRIS HAAS “#767.112811A,” 2011, Oil, ink, gouache, polyurethane, acid free paper, 17″x11″, $95

On November 8th, 2008, Haas started on a path of unprecedented creativity, “I had no initial idea of what the outcome would be.  As far as I knew on that day I was only commemorating my love for my beloved cat that had just passed away.  I created four new paintings on 11″x14″ paper and they were just completely different from any work I had done before so I numbered, signed and dated them not completely understanding the reason behind this. Jump to November 7th, 2009, I had finished creating piece #10,202.”

Over 10,000 works of ART in one year!  Now, she plans do repeat the feat on LIVE STREAMING VIDEO 24/7, showing all the intimate details that an artist can go through in the creative process, starting on November 8, 2012.

Support Kris Haas’ dream through KICKSTARTER.

Haas adds, “I had discovered things about myself as an artist (and as someone with a brain injury disability) that became so profound, insightful, inspirational and empowering that I have felt compelled to share this with others.”  She needs financial support to turn her dream into a reality; visit KICKSTARTER to find out how you can help.  You can also find Haas’ amazing ART at and learn how every purchase of ART can make a difference through our ARTprojectACT program.

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