How a Puppy Makes a Difference!

Usher, singer, songwriter, dancer, actor, producer and mentor to Justin Bieber, just became the proud owner of  a Goldendoodle puppy for $12,000! Before you feel overwhelmed by the lifestyle of the rich and famous, know that he bought the Golden Retriever/ Poodle cross-breed at a fundraising gala for Pencils of Promise.

Usher with Puppy

Getty Images for Pencils of Promise

We’re excited for both the puppy and Usher, but especially thrilled that Pencils of Promise, one of  ARTprojectACT’s nonprofit organizations, benefitted from such generosity and a tight bidding war!

Maybe you can’t drop $12,000 on a puppy, but you can make a difference and find affordable ART at the same time when you shop at With every purchase, we donate a portion of our proceeds to the philanthropic area of your choice. Pencils of Promise, committed to educating children in the developing world, can be found under the “Literacy” option of ARTprojectACT.

Usher’s latest acquisition inspired us to go to our THEMES filter and look through all our unique “dog” ART pieces. There are many to choose from, but “Patriotic Dog” reminded us of Usher’s new puppy. This mixed-media work on paper would be right for any home, whether you have a Goldendoodle or not.

INEZ STORER: Patriotic Dog

Inez Storer is a master at putting the right elements together, making the viewer want to take a closer look…and isn’t that what ART is about? Gift yourself or a loved one with this wonderful piece. “Patriotic Dog” (14.5” x 20”) can be yours for $800 and we’ll give a percentage to one of Usher’s and ARTprojectA’s favorite charities.

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