Top 5 Advantages of being a Virtual Gallery

When ARTprojectA co-founder Barbi Reed first took her bricks and mortar gallery, ANNE REED GALLERY, completely virtual iPads hadn’t been invented and people were hardly using smart phones.  Now most of us are connected at the hip to these devices and it seems only natural that any product including ART be available at our fingertips.

BETTY MERKEN: Study in Black and White, 22″x30″

Besides the convenience of looking for affordable ART in your pajamas, we have 5 more reasons why we LOVE being 100% virtual.

1. Reduced Carbon Footprint – We don’t have to ship ART back and forth from the artist to the gallery. Sold works can be sent directly to our client from the artist.

2. Enjoy your ART Exploration – You can find exactly what you are looking for or peruse our collection by using our search filters to sort ART by theme, color, price, medium, and/or size.

3. Rapid Response – We can respond to clients quickly, often within minutes of the inquiry. And the online forum allows us to introduce NEW ART seamlessly.

David King: Beneath All We Know III, 22″x30″.

4. Less possibility for damaging ART – Without the need for works to be present in our gallery we save the ART from potential damage during shipping and storing.

5. Expansive Audience – clients come from all over the country and many different industries. From private collectors to corporate designers our website presents a wide selection of works for a variety of intentions.

IMOGEN CUNNINGHAM: Banana Plant, 20″x16″.

+1. We use the online forum to Give Back and you can make a world of difference when you shop at With every purchase, we donate a portion of our proceeds to a philanthropic area of your choice, through ARTprojectACT.

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