Get it for LESS!

On Wednesday, Christie’s had the most successful contemporary art auction EVER…$412 million. And Sotheby’s realized over $375 million on Tuesday, its highest–ever total for an auction of postwar/contemporary works (link to full article). It seems crazy, but over $1 billion in contemporary Art was sold this week (Art Market Monitor Article).

Jeff Koons, Tulips, $34,000,000 Harold Feinstein, Family Cluster $1,300

Jeff Koons, “Tulips,” $34,000,000.                                 Harold Feinstein, “Family Cluster,” $1,300 (ARTprojectA).

Are you wondering how you will ever afford ART for your home? Well, you don’t have to feel left out. ARTprojectA was created to give you access to affordable fine ART. Each piece of art on is chosen by our team of jurors for its uniqueness and quality.  Click on the images to learn more about ART that can be yours without having to raise a paddle or enter a bidding war.

We checked out some of the art that sold at auction and then searched our website looking for possible substitutions for those of us on tighter budgets than this week’s high bidders. Here are a few of our favorite options:

Gerhard Richter, “Große Teyde-Landschaft,” Est. $15,ooo,ooo.      Michael Manalo, “Secret Society,” starting at $65.

Roy Lichtenstein, Nude with Red Shirt.Roy Lichtenstein, Serigraph Paper $28,000,000Plate, $200

Roy Lichtenstein, “Nude with Red Shirt,” $28,000,000.               Roy Lichtenstein, “Serigraph Paper Plate,” $200.

Mark Rothko,
”Black Stripe (Orange, Gold and Black),” $21,000,000.      Betty Merken, “Post Lintel XIII,” $1,100.

*All Christie’s auction images – Courtesy of Christie’s Images LTD. 2012

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  1. ssallin says:

    Great idea!

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